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Neatness Counts KC

Calming Responses to a Pandemic 

One of the best ways to combat the stress of facing unknowns a pandemic brings, is positive action.

At Neatness Counts KC we are concerned and we care for you.  I as the owner have faced uncertainty and fear many times throughout my past military career.  Waiting to deploy into the unknown is similar to what our medical professionals, first responders, and we, citizens, are facing.  Together we can make forward movement in a positive direction and reduce our stress. You will find a free video on how to improve your home office for productivity, a few checklists and eBooks on various timely subjects.

Click here for the free Video and Click Here for the list of eBooks and Checklists available for purchase.  #WFH

During the Pandemic Neatness Counts KC is Offering Virtual Organizing

Virtual Organizing keeps you safe and allows you to complete your organizational project even while we must be apart.   Virtual Organizing is also half the cost of in person organizing.  How does it work?  Click Here

Organizational Services

We offer a variety of services! If you don't see what you need below please contact us!

Need a speaker for your club or group?  I give classes on topics specific to your group's needs. Reasonable and negotiable fees.

Virtual Organizing

During the Pandemic, We are offering virtual organizing.  You can stay safe, and complete your organizing project with professional help.

Photo Organization - Files or Books Created

If you could save just one thing from a pending disaster, many say they would save their pictures. Pictures are visual reminders of our memories. Pictures tell our stories best. How are your pictures organized and preserved? Do they tell your story? Let us help tell and preserve your story.

We have gift cards !!!

We ask that you make sure the person receiving the gift wants this gift.  

Order Gift Cards

What our customers are saying

I am in Heaven when I walk into my Closet!! I could hardly sleep I was so excited!! I finished what was left and it looks amazing!  Thank you so Much!!

Allison Steinbeck