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Opening Up

May, 2020

May 2020

As we begin to open up and maybe leave our home offices, we must consider the health of our clients, customers, and friends.

You might have heard about the new plexi-glass barriers recommended, you might wear a mask during your full day at work, and you might need a different routine in preparing for work and returning home from work.

We still don't know how the virus spreads, exactly. Nor do we know for sure who is at more risk than others. So let's be cautious and error on the side of too much protection. Your brick and mortar place of work may look different with social distance circles or lines on the floor, desks might be spread out and cubicles might have additional height or barriers going to the ceiling. The traffic flow in the office or shop might be directional and one-way. The water cooler, and coffee pot might be removed. All of this is for your safety, even if it brings you frustration.

Remember it is up to you to protect the health of your clients and customers as well as your fellow employees. Without them, you could loose your business altogether.

Protect your business and your job by protecting those around you.

A change in your routine before and after work might reduce your frustration with all the new protocols. Give yourself more time than you used to to exercise, conduct personal hygiene, dress, eat and pack up before heading to the car. Have several masks ready to go each day. You might want them to match your suit like a scarf or a tie. You may want to spritz the mask with something that smells good and boosts your energy level, like an essential oil (lemon and peppermint are good choices). Pack your lunch since eating at the local canteen might not be an option for a while. Consider the mason jar meals that can be packed a week at a time. Pack some hand sanitizer and a few cleaning supplies in case the office or shop runs out before your shift is over.

While at work, set a time to push yourself to focus and do more in the time you are at the office or shop. If you are not familiar with this game to boost your productivity, use your search engine to find out more on pomodoro time keeping.

Once you are home, consider creating a place for changing and cleaning before you greet your loved ones. We have seen several news expose' where health care workers, bag their scrubs, and shower before hugging their children when they get home. How long you keep your suits or clothes in bags before washing is up to you, but current guidance suggests a minimum of three days. Guidance changes all the time based on new information we learn each day about this virus and it's impact.

Do those things that boost your mood and add them to your before and after work routines. Music, smell goods, dancing, small treats to help you perk up and reduce the day's frustration.

Our Second Blog Entry

February 14, 2020

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Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020

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